With over 1200 square feet of space, this rentable photography studio is equipped with curated furniture pieces, plants, and a well-rounded selection of seamless paper backdrops as well as all the tools necessary to safely and easily use them. 

Every bit of the studio is intentional + curated

The Details Matter

Show up and shine

A space to create and feel confident with clients or other artists

The Daylight Room is a studio that can do both, without cutting any corners. Everything you need for your dreamy natural light flow AND fully equipped for your studio lighting video and still productions. 

The best of both worlds--daylight and blackout

How we're different

photo by kelly klemmensen photography

The Daylight Room is a love letter to Charlotte Creatives. It's our goal to be a stepping stone to help our local visual artists to thrive, find inspiration, and touch base regularly with a likeminded community. Memberships are recommended for those ready for a dependable studio on a regular basis. 

Hourly or Monthly

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